007 – GOLDIE – Interview with Brett Martin

Title:  GOLDIE

Genre: Horror

Logline: A home-invading female serial killer stalks a true crime author whom she wants to write her bloody life story.

Script: GOLDIE – Brett Martin – AF

My Script Notes: GOLDIE – Brett Martin – notes – 5.20.17



Today’s episode features a writer I’ve known for a while now…Brett Martin (CLONE WIFE – THY ENEMY – 3 SWEET THINGS – WIDOW’S WALK – REAP WHAT YOU SOW – DEAL BREAKER). Brett posts as Electric Dreamer on Scriptshadow.

He was a fantastic guest and shared many of the valuable experiences he’s had thus far on his journey — all while being unrepped.

My apologies for the delay in getting this published, but I’m doing all this from a hotel room and the internet had been down. But it’s back up again and time to make this episode live!!

( Other fellow posters from SS that get a shout-out on the show = KLMN – Craig Mack – Alison Parker – David Scott Martin)

(I had no time to even attempt an audio trailer for this project – my apologies, Brett.)



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  • Kirk Diggler

    A very good episode. Good on Brett (Electric Dreamer) for sharing a lot of interesting stories about his screenwriting journey thus far. The main takeaway is this… you need plenty of ‘hustle bustle’ to make a breakthrough in this business. It’s NOT just about talent, although it’s certainly a requirement, it’s more about ‘being there’ and being a salesman and having strong IDEAS and the determination to develop them for any and all willing parties looking for a project. And you have to frikkin’ WRITE.

  • Marija ZombiGirl

    Hey Mike and Brett 🙂

    This was a great podcast to listen to so thank you, gentlemen 🙂 It’s nice to hear other writers talk about the same kinds of things that you’ve been through yourself such as working with producers. Of course, when someone takes an interest in your stuff, it feels pretty good and despite certain warning bells going off right away, you want to keep believing that it can work. And you do put in the work except that one day, you can’t keep ignoring reality anymore and well, each their own production horror story 🙂 So, yeah, it’s immensely important to listen to those warning bells but I guess you learn better when going through bad stuff so maybe that’s a required learning process?

    I also like hearing about writers helping other writers. I don’t know about that because I’ve worked in France and in France, it’s each to his own and moving forward by crapping on someone else is definitely required :/ I guess weird or unpleasant things go on anywhere, especially in such a warped world as that of narcissistic actors, egomaniacal directors and money-grabbing producers ^^ Hey, just kidding a little, I don’t mean to put everyone in the same basket – we all know good people within the industry. They’re just a rare species…

    Anyway, good luck with the future, Brett, and Mike, keep up the good work 🙂

  • klmn

    Great to hear about everything Brett has going on.

  • ScriptChick

    Great episode! And I love that Elaine Strich song! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mayhem Jones

    Hahaha Brett, I LOVE your voice!

    • Levres de Sang

      Please excuse this clandestine strategy, but in the likely absence of AOW I wondered if I could interest you in a preview of my own NEW script?

      I’m pushing it out to a select few (bait: NO ONE WHATSOEVER has read it yet!!) and being that it’s more dialogue-driven than anything I’ve written previously — and you having an exceptional way with dialogue and all — I really would value any thoughts you might have on this side of the script.

      There’s no rush, but if you think you might have some free time then I’ll reply with a Sendspace link later on today. 🙂

      • Mayhem Jones


        • Levres de Sang

          I love your enthusiasm! 🙂 It’s very much appreciated!!

          Here goes, then… (See below for sendspace link):

          Genre: Gothic Drama

          Logline A psychiatrist becomes involved with a disturbed young woman, but falls foul of those responsible for her condition.

          WYSR: FROM THE CONVALESCENCE OF CHRISTIANNE ZELMAN is a character piece with that rarest of attributes: a fascinating storyworld. Indeed, it’s both love story and Nazi fairy-tale played out against the rainy altitude of the Austrian Tyrol. The role of Christianne is tailor-made for an Oscar-bound actress; while the script itself should appeal to anyone who enjoys classic melodrama of the Bette Davis, Tennessee Williams, New German Cinema or even Todd Haynes variety.


  • Scott Serradell

    Goodness Mike. That was a pretty fuc-king sharp episode. And DENSE. I will most likely have to listen to it again, as you two covered a rather wide span of territory.

    The stuff I appreciated Brett really getting into was all about The Hustle — the flattery, the cajoling, finding out what interests your producer may have and putting them in the script etc. I can always appreciate a few real-world lessons, especially when it seems so many teachers and gurus are reluctant to mention them (if they ever do at all.)

    If anything, I wanted to hear a bit about what ignites Brett’s fire: What spurns his ideas? What inspires him? Has he ever had an idea/concept that scared the shit out of him? And specifically with “Goldie” was there ever a time he was knee-deep or waist-deep into the material and thought “this is the worst idea mankind has ever had!” And if so, what kept him going? Stuff like that — But I’m certainly not complaining; there was a LOT to chew on here.

    Brett: Best of luck in your endeavors. You sound like a genuinely good guy to know (but if you’re not, please don’t destroy the illusion 😉

    • Linkthis83

      Thanks, Scott. And now a sarcastic…THANKS, SCOTT. I would’ve loved to ask him all those questions. Probably should’ve, but the way this guy’s churning out scripts, I’ll be having him back on in another month. LOL

      And the show was certainly dense. This was by far the hardest episode to edit – especially for time. There was so much I refused to cut. Every time I thought I might be able to pull something, there he went adding more value.

  • Edward

    Great episode, the best one so far. Thanks to Brett for being so candid with his answers. He provided a lot of useful info that I think I’ll have to listen back on.

  • Levres de Sang

    Fabulous episode! Thanks Mike. This was both entertaining and informative on so many levels. And Brett’s energy is an absolute inspiration!

    If Brett chimes in here then the question I’d like to is “How did you go about writing six scripts in one year?”

    • andyjaxfl

      I’m green with envy about his ability to write six scripts a year.

    • I pulled off six scripts last year because of how I rotated my development slate. I was always writing one script while beating out the next one and mining ideas for future projects. 3 SWEET THINGS was a 3-day job that fell into my lap during my paid assignment for Destiny Pictures. GOLDIE and WIDOW’S WALK had been percolating since 2014. So, the outlines weren’t super hard to flesh out.

      I pitched the concept of MISSING (Know Thy Neighbor on AOW) to my REAP producer last October. That one went quick (18 days), because I relied upon the same plot structure I did with REAP. They’re both domestic thrillers that would play on Lifetime-style networks, so I wanted to see how well I could “steal” from myself. 😉 And number six is a contained action/thriller that takes place all in one day in one place, so I leaned on my 3ST experience to finish that in 20 days before New Year’s.

      • Levres de Sang

        Thanks Brett! I find stacking projects quite difficult to do, but you’re clearly making it work. And stealing from yourself is a stroke of genius!

        ** You sent me a copy of Missing before last Xmas (sorry I didn’t have time to read in full / give notes), but I failed to make the connection when Know Thy Neighbor appeared on AOW recently!

        *** Loved your reason behind that deep-sea fishing locale! (Also a stroke of genius, I’d say!)

  • Patrick Sawyer

    Another great guest and intreview. A lot of good info to digest.

  • Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments. I wanted to be as candid as I could about my screenwriting experiences with Mike for his awesome podcast. It’s easier to be drafted by the NBA than it is to become a successful screenwriter. So, I didn’t want to soft-sell anything, but also wanted to address how personally rewarding it is when someone in the industry rolls the dice with me.

    Every time I go into business with a new producer/director, I always ask them, “Why me?” The answers boil down to three categories: 1) Concept, 2) Writing and 3) Personality. They dig my ideas and how I execute them on the page, but most importantly: Creatives I’ve worked with come back for more, because I make it very easy and FUN for them to work with me.

    Find your own way of using your passion for the craft to fuel your collaborative spirit. And always be interested in their passion projects, as if they were yours. Because some day, they might be. If you want a producer to stake their rep on you, they have to 1000% believe in you and your skill set. Keep the focus on them during your first meeting as long as you can, then they’ll be dying to ask: What else you got, kid? 🙂

    • Linkthis83

      Just so you know…

      Your episode has over 160 downloads so far…and had the most downloads in the first 24 hour period since I launched the show.

      And…with those downloads, the show has finally passed 1000 total downloads since launch. That’s not including the downloads for the Eclipse The Script Podcast Trailer.

      These numbers are all small potatoes in the podcasting realm, but for me, they are dynamite!

      Thank you so much for being on the show, and especially for your candidness. Oh, and for just being you. Feel lucky to have met you.

  • Nick Morris

    Wow. Great job, Guys! It’s after 2am and I’m just finishing it now. Love what you’ve done here, Mike. Very much looking forward to more!

    You’re a fucking beast, Brett. You’ve covered a helluva lot of ground in just a few short years and things are happening left and right! Keep killing it, Brother!

  • scriptfeels

    Really great listen. My favorite scripts of Brett’s that I’ve read has been Widow’s walk. It really stuck with me and I was pulled into the story reading it all in one sitting. I had read it when it was on AF and could really see it as a movie. Goldie didn’t resonate with me for various reasons, but Brett’s story of an upcoming screenwriter to look out for and his journey with the craft is a must listen. Very inspiring! Thank you both for your effort and knowledge to the amateur screenwriting community.

  • Justin

    Honestly, there’s no way in hell I would pass up on a script like “Goldie” if I were a producer or manager. It’s just too unique of a concept — I’d easily drop a couple grand minimum to option it for a period of time, just so no one else would snatch it up.