009 – CINDERELLA: AFTER THE FAIRY TALE – Interview with Katherine Botts


Genre: Dark Fairy-tale Drama

Logline: After Cinderella uses a witch’s dark magic to get to the ball, she must now find a way to break the contract between them or else she’ll have to forfeit her unborn child.

Script: Cinderella After the Fairytale 2017 – EtS

My Script Notes: CINDERELLA – ATF – K Botts – notes – 6.18.17



In today’s episode I talk with the multi-talented screenwriter Katherine Botts (CRATCHIT / THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP). Katherine posts as Scriptchick on Scriptshadow and Twitch Film Table Reads.

She was an amazing guest and I can’t thank her enough for her time — and especially all the laughs.

My apologies for the delay in getting this published. I’m finally back from California and all the episodes going forward should be much smoother and prompt. At least that’s the hope!

BTW — Katherine is more than willing to answer questions if you have them, so go ahead and post them in the comments section. If you have specific questions regarding I’LL BE NEXT DOOR FOR CHRISTMAS, like dollar amounts, financial specifics, and/or dates, you must go to the Start Engine campaign page and ask those questions there (it’s the LAW!).


EMAIL: eclipsethescript@gmail.com


**As of 7/25/17, I’LL BE NEXT DOOR FOR CHRISTMAS has launched a new campaign at Wefunder

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  • Edward

    I think Katherine brought a lot of energy to the podcast. The whole funding system she describes sounds interesting. I wonder if people could actually see a return on their investment for something as unpredictable and volatile as selling a film.

    In relation to her script. I found that the opening 15pages were severely lacking in GSU (goal, stakes, urgency.) There seemed to be a lot of onus on me to know the original story and fill in the blanks myself. I’m vaguely familiar with the Cinderella story, like most people are, but I think there should have been a specific goal for J which is clearly stated, the stakes if she didn’t achieve it and the urgency of why this was so important for her right now. I think all of these elements were missing, for me anyways.

    Also, with a familiar story like this, I’d expect some kind of perverse twist or new take on it, a la “Goldie”, but this seemed to be a pretty straightforward retelling of the original. Maybe there’s some tweaking going on, but I wasn’t gripped by any kind of compelling “new angle” on it.

    Just my take on it. Good luck with the script and your investing/funding venture.

    P.S. Mike, I’d consider keeping the show lengths to 1hr 20 – 30mins max. For my taste, this is the limit for the amount of input I can take for a podcast like this. This is no reflection on the guests, but I think more concise, to the point episodes would be more enjoyable. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

    • Linkthis83

      I agree with you on your assessment of the opening pages and especially the length of episode. This one was an anomaly. She and I didn’t get to actually do the interview until Monday (when I usually publish) and we had almost 2.5 hours of audio for me to edit to try to get out by Tuesday (which I did).

      I basically cut everything I felt I could smoothly cut within that time frame and got to a point where I said “Screw it, I’m putting it all up.” That’s not the best attitude to have and I knew that length was a lot to ask of the listeners, but isn’t going to be anything close to the norm. Plus, I was also banking on the fact that she was entertaining/informative enough to carry an episode of this length. 🙂 But still, you are correct in your suggestion.

    • ScriptChick

      Thank you for your critique and for listening, Edward! It actually inspired another scenario for why Jeannette then goes to the ball. I’m excited to break the structure I have and toy with it so there’s more goal, less Cinderella checkboxes in the first act. 🙂

  • Kirk Diggler

    Listened to the whole podcast. Keep up the good work, Mike. Both of you sounded like you were having fun and that helps make it engaging for the listener.

    Don’t really have any big questions for Katherine at the moment. One thing I will say is that her writing style is impressive. Even though I didn’t take to Cratchit overall, she knows what she’s doing on the page as much or more than anyone who puts their stuff up at Scriptshadow. I recall her saying that she wasn’t sure what level her writing is at, a question that Carson has put forth before on his site to others.

    Based on all the amateur scripts I’ve read over the years, I’d say she is in the top percentile. What does that mean? Well, i don’t know if she has been paid for her work or not, but I think she is good enough to fool people into thinking she has been. Keep it up.

    • Justin

      Absalutely. Her writing (the words) just rolled off my tongue when I read “Cratchit.” Her script was one of the handful where I could picture every scene as I read along. Sign of great writing.

    • ScriptChick

      That is such a sweet compliment, Kirk! Thank you. I have been paid thus far in cookies, lunches and about five months worth of rent. YES! I toggle between SS levels because sometimes I feel I make callous character/structure mistakes that if I had caught them early, I wouldn’t be the glaring problem that severely hinders the story. Break your babies.

  • Justin

    She’s my favorite guest so far. Hope you have her on again.

    • ScriptChick

      Thank you, Justin! I would LOVE to be on again! Just need to churn out more product, yeah? I don’t want to subject Mike to an even older script. 😉

  • scriptfeels

    You got little bub!! That’s incredible. You have my interest haha

    • ScriptChick

      Yep! Glad you’re a fan. I was planning on going to CatCon too — double the Bub! The film also supports Lil BUB’s Big Fund for the ASPCA to help other animals with special needs. <3