011 – The Next Episodes – JULY

On today’s episode:

I talk about upcoming episodes and guests, then I talk about me and my journey. If you choose to skip the part about me, I won’t be offended. I figured I’d get it out there so I can be done with it.  And no, you may not read the scripts I did get to complete. I’m of the “suffering in silence” ilk, and that’s where those will remain. The mantra from here on out will be:  “Share. Share? Share!”

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe holiday weekend!



It didn’t occur to me that anybody may want to read this…so at the request of Scott Serradell:

Logline (per the contest): A corrupt detective with one month left to live tries to make all the wrongs right in a wobbly road to redemption, becoming the cop – and the person – they always wanted to be in the process.

Script: Tommy Tucker, Motherf#cker. –IISC-SheldonTurner

(Yes. I’m aware I crammed an entire first act into 15 pages unsuccessfully)



EMAIL: eclipsethescript@gmail.com


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  • Justin

    *Thumbs up*

    • Linkthis83

      Thanks, Justin. Like I mentioned in the podcast, I don’t know how to solve the issue yet…other than just asking. I’m certain the writers will appreciate any notes you may provide (as will I).

  • Scott Serradell


    Normally I’d embarrass you with such compliments in private but this time I am compelled to do so publicly…

    From these past few years of encountering your comments on ScriptShadow, I have always detected from you a keen insight that kept itself behind a deeper intelligence that did not want to draw attention to itself. You have always been engaged, clear and concise, and above all to the point. To me this denotes an individual that respects his audience as much as he respects himself.

    Your adventure thus into this podcast — as well getting to know you some on a personal level — has only proven my point. But with this ‘cast specifically, with the small window into your experiences so far, I understand now your intelligence as deriving — not from some book-learned and philosophic discourse (like me) — but from the deep well of a tremendous heart that experiences the world for as it is.

    Your life as you have shared is not only interesting but also inspiring; at every turn there seemed an opportunity to explore, a place to be in awe of, a conflict to peacefully diffuse, or just a person — a stranger or otherwise — that required your undivided help. Your engine — it seems to me — is curiosity, drive, and compassion. And though I’m certain you have some skeletons in your closet (and who doesn’t? — I’m just trying not to paint you as some saint) so far in my estimation you’re walking-the-walk AND talking-the-talk.

    You’re a rare guy, Mike. And you are starting to let people see that.

    My only caveat with the episode is that there was NO LINK TO “TOMMY TUCKER, MOTHER FUCKER”! Some people want to READ that shit, dude!!


    • Linkthis83

      Man…I can’t even…definitely not a saint…just trying to do my best with what I got and improve upon that.

      A link has been posted due to your enthusiastic request.

      • Justin

        Is this the short you submitted to the contest on Scriptshadow, or a different one?

        • Linkthis83

          I submitted this a couple years ago to the Industry Insiders Screenwriting Competition over at The Writer’s Store. They provide the logline, you provide the first 15 pages. If you place in the top ten, you get to write the whole thing with access to a mentor over 12 weeks. — I didn’t make the top ten, but I got a character and story I love from it.

  • Scott Woodall

    Hey Mike,

    Long time listener, first time commenter. I was curious about your thoughts on posting the email you sent to your work regarding your experience in Louisiana on that farm. Having been someone lucky enough to read it, I was sucked into the story (your account) of what happened. So much so that, while reading, I was in genuine fear that you didn’t make it out of there. (Even knowing that you must have or else the email would never have been sent! lol) It’s not a screenplay, but it shows how you can paint a vivid picture for a reader infused with suspense and dread.

    Best Regards,

    • Linkthis83

      Ha! You’re too funny, man. First time, long time…”oh, and I happened to make an appearance on episode 3 when you talked about embracing your concept.”

      I’ve considered sharing it, but want to hold onto it in case one day I need a “I don’t have anything to post” emergency.

  • andyjaxfl

    Mike, thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you have lived a really dynamic life, and I hope those experiences have been a strong influence on your writing and finding your voice. I’m a firm believer that most writers don’t have a fully formed voice until they have lived a little (the 20-something miracle kids like Shane Black seem to be the exception, not the rule).

    What is your favorite genre to write in?

    • Linkthis83

      I’ve been really fortunate to have the experiences I’ve had. And there’s no doubt that they’ve really shaped my view of this world and informed how I’ve approached writing. Plus I’ve read a lot of books that have also contributed to this.

      I don’t really get into a particular genre as I get into “emotions” as weird as that may sound. There’s definitely stories/genres I’d immediately say I want to stay away from, but if I can identify a feeling or emotional journey in something, I believe I could write it.

      So with TTM, it’s that “FU” attitude his character brings to the world…and the plan to explore that is, while that’s a great and fun emotion to explore…it does have consequences. His choices do have an effect on people. Especially those he cares about and who care about him…and I wanted the throughline of the story to expose that about him and within him.

      With the Samurai story I briefly mention, there we were exploring a belief that people can carry about someone that even though he feels justified in his feelings based on the info he has, the info he will acquire during journey he is on, will lead to an epiphany about a relationship he can no longer do anything about. Plus all the other hooplah that goes with the story 🙂

      I’d go into the horror thing, but since that’s something I’m hoping to be able to share sometime in the near future, I’d like it to be fresh to see if I can accomplish my goal of impact on the reader 🙂

      If I can’t feel it, I can’t write it. But it doesn’t mean I can’t find a way into it. Again, going back to TTM, that’s how that was born. Out of pure exploration of that logline for which I did not want to writer a story.

      How about you? Do you have a favorite genre or particular story you like to explore? After reading multiple scripts for some writers, you can see a similar theme emerging. Which makes total sense to me.

      • andyjaxfl

        I love to write in a historical setting, largely because I was a history major in college and there are a lot of interesting periods and stories throughout history that Hollywood has ignored. I typically make up my own characters and the action takes place during one of these events, but I’m currently scratching a ten-year itch that’s 100% based on actual events. It may be a little outside of my skillset, and given its scope (and my current summary) it’s going to clock in at around 140-150 pages, which I’m sure will attract ire from some. But it’s an itch that needs to be scratched and I can’t wait any longer.

        I like to explore a range of themes (usually guilt, false pride, and living in the shadow of an accomplished parent or sibling).

  • Levres de Sang

    Yeah, loved this episode! Thanks for sharing what were fascinating stories. And even though much of it wasn’t screenwriting-related, I just kept imagining all kinds of horror / government conspiracy scenarios from your exploits in the field with those electronic boxes (as I’m sure you did at the time!)

    Also impressed by your innate modesty in that you always saw the last few years as a learning process and only now are you moving into a position whereby you’re ready to put your own work out there. It’s a highly commendable approach. An inspiring episode all round!

  • ScriptChick

    Great episode! And I miss the industry insider contest (only submitted once myself). I like the spin you put on the given, vague logline. Loved hearing all the stories from your old job — really nice that it allowed you to travel so much and meet people from all walks of (wiry-haired) life.

  • Marija ZombiGirl


    • Linkthis83

      No idea what that’s for…so I’m going to say thank you.

      • Marija ZombiGirl

        Yeah, I guess it was a little cryptic but it was late and I didn’t feel like writing a long comment.
        It’s nice getting to know you a little better, you’re a surprising guy. Also, you know so much about writing and your script analyses are so well done that I honestly thought you’d been writing yourself for years so I was very surprised to hear the opposite. Keep going, though 🙂 You obviously have material for tons of stories and I’m quite envious of all those work travels…
        I’m off to listen to the second part of Serradell’s itw.

        • Linkthis83

          I have done writing that’s not for sharing. Not even really for talking about. Just the stuff I forced myself to do in order to go through some of those experiences. I only want to talk about the stuff I plan on trying to utilize at some point.

          Hopefully what is surprising about me are good things. Lol. I’ve always felt like I had an instinct for story, and there’s no doubt that studying and breaking down scripts for the last four years has really helped that. But I gotta be honest, I rarely feel like I help make anybody’s scripts better.

          • Marija ZombiGirl

            Well, the thing about helping others is that even if that person’s suggestions don’t work for the story in question, they can lead to other thoughts if the writer has an open mind 🙂 Only yesterday, I went through the feedback I got from our fellow SSers regarding a question I posted about my ‘monsters in the desert’ story, remember? And the suggestions you made helped me get back on track so even if you don’t think so, your thoughts are much appreciated and probably lots more than you think.

            Everything about people is interesting – we’re all made of positives and negatives. I don’t judge, I just accept that 🙂

            Hope to read a feature of yours some day.