012 – BAGGED AND BORED – Interview with Craig Williams Pt.1



I am effing excited about today’s episode!

I had the opportunity to interview Craig Williams who is a co-writer on the SUPREMELY UNDERAPPRECIATED web-series…BAGGED AND BORED!

Go watch all seven episodes on YouTube. And then tell all your friends to do the same. I mean…also listen to the podcast…but, somewhere…well…just make this episode, both parts, and the entire season of B&B, and then promoting B&B, your life for the next week or two.

The talent behind this show deserves recognition and while I don’t know how to get a web-series picked-up, I’m going to do what I can to make that happen.



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  • Scott Serradell

    No comments yet? Da fuq?

    I appreciated Craig’s candor in discussing his journey so far, which was done honestly and humorously. I recognized a few parallels to my own life — And I say that not draw any attention to myself but to highlight that most artists, regardless the medium they are tackling, must withdraw from the world for a period of time and confront — quite literally wrestle — with their own passions and contradictions, and it is through this struggle we learn to recognize and apply our own “voice”. But it can be a lonely, pessimistic endeavor; I think for writer’s there tends to be an especially sensitive vulnerability (because of the “loneliness” of our work) that makes the dealing with criticism as difficult as learning the craft itself. But it’s all part of the job, as they say.

    So, my point is that it’s refreshing to hear people like Craig, who are out there and getting their content made, still feel a sense of being an amateur (or “fraud”, I think you both referred to it as.) This to me not only shows a sense of gratitude but humility as well; it’s hard to get work out there and seen and recognized by others — but when it is, even if it’s a handful of people, there’s a lot of meaning to that.

    And to a large degree I don’t that goes away, that sense of even though you’re at a, say, more elevated position in your career doesn’t automatically equate to having completely mastered it; that, even after years of doing something, there is still hunger, uncertainty, a fear of failure, and a world of information that you haven’t even begun to drive into.

    Christiane Kubrick, when once being interviewed about her late husband Stanley, remarked that he never took for granted the position he was in — that he able to tell the stories he wanted to tell on such a large canvas; he felt very lucky. She then said a favorite response of his, when asked ‘how are you doing, Stanley?’, was: “…still fooling them.”

    I checked out the first episode of “Bagged and Bored”, and have to agree with Mike that the production qualities are well done. As someone who’s familiar with comic books I liked the little esoterisms throughout (the line about Grant Morrison’s run on ‘Animal Man’ was funny because it’s true.) If I am to be completely honest however part of me felt there a ‘been there, done that’ quality; there was an almost distinctly 90’s vibe to it, just before it seemed the whole comic book culture exploded into the mainstream — And though I liked that quaintness, it felt it was encapsulating a bygone era.

    That said, the reason I’ll be checking out further episodes is I realize it was only the first one — but more importantly I thought the characters were charming and the performances were pretty good. There was just something (I can’t exactly put my finger on) that made me want to find out more. Sorry I’m not more exact, but there you are. Best of luck on Season 2!

    • Linkthis83

      I hope you do check out more episodes. They were really just discovering what they had with that first episode – which was created from a sketch they had put together. They truly pick up momentum with each episode.

      As far as commenting goes…I have no idea how to get more people to chime in. LOL. I’m grateful that you take the time to do it! On SS, everybody weighs in all the time…here, not so much. As long as people are listening, that’s my priority.

      • Scott Serradell

        I certainly will check out more episodes; on the whole it was fun, and if you’re saying they just get better then I’m curious what they cook up next.

        Unfortunately, I no suggestions for getting folks to chime in either. But admittedly, and so far, the responses that HAVE shown up here have maintained the integrity of the discussions, remained civilized, and been thoughtful and intelligent. So: Quality versus Quantity? Perhaps take that for it’s worth.

        • Linkthis83

          Yep…which is why I’m not complaining or putting out calls to action. I’d love for some discussions to take place…but…I can’t have everything I want 🙂 I’m succeeding where I most want to right now.

  • Paul Clarke

    Another great interview, thanks to Mike and Craig.

    I’m up to episode 5, so far Adam is my favourite. Reminds me of Rhys Darby.

  • ScriptChick

    Watching the rest of of the season this weekend. So far my favorite episode of the 4 I watched is ep. 2. My brother loves Sonic the Hedgehog so I watched the show with him. Loved the nice little touch of the Sonic fan even wearing the red shoes! Will definitely watch season 2 and let me know if that Patreon account is ever set up!

    • Linkthis83

      What did your brother think of the series?

      • ScriptChick

        Likes it so far! Only a couple episodes in. He got caught up with work (and catching up on his own comic book collection) so we’re finishing it together!