013 – THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL – Interview with Nick Morris


Genre: Horror / Thriller

Logline: After witnessing the murder of her Daddy, nine-year-old Becky and her dog set out to teach the scumbags responsible that Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off, little girl with nothing left to lose.

Script: THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL by Nick Morris_EtS

My Script Notes: THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL – Morris – EtS Notes – 7.17.17



On today’s episode, I got the fantastic opportunity to talk with Nick Morris on the same day that his script, THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL, was reviewed on Scriptshadow.

The guy is awesome and fairly early in his screenwriting journey. But even still, he’s had two AF reviews, placed well in contests, and has a manager. Sounds like this guy is on his way.



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