014 – A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success – Interview with Mark Sanderson Pt.1



Due to the fact that I had a fantastic guest on the podcast this week, I had to break the episode up into two parts. That’s what you do when a 20 year screenwriting veteran agrees to be a guest on your new podcast. You give him room and get out of the way. Well…I tried to stay out of the way. Mark was such a pro though. Even when I would say things that may not exactly be in line with the point he was making…he’d pick up on what I said and keep trucking along.



From the L.A. Times



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  • Kirk Diggler

    Good stuff Mike, always good to have a guest who’s willing to talk about the business in depth.

    • Linkthis83

      Thanks, Kirk. I sincerely did enjoy his book and found it to be extremely informational. And I too love hearing about the actual business of screenwriting.

  • Mayhem Jones

    MIKE!!!! I’m so proud of you for creating this podcast. It’s freakin’ unbelievable to watch it grow so fast and get such great guests. Gonna check this out tonight–can’t wait to learn from Mark!

    • Linkthis83

      Thanks, Mayhem. I can’t effing believe it myself.

  • Edward

    Another great episode.

    I think having a mixture of amateur and professional guests makes for a nice variety. One week we get someone working on their first big break like Nick Morris, the next we get a guy with 20 years experience like Mark. Hearing insights from people on different ends of the screenwriting spectrum is what makes this such a compelling podcast.

    • Linkthis83

      That’s great to hear. There was a part of me that was concerned about not always having an amateur writer on…but since the show is also for the amateur community, I thought if I could work in a nice balance, that would be a good thing. Plus…I don’t think I will be able to find 40+ amateur writers a year to interview. LOL. Plus…if I get a working writer like Mark…I’m putting him on the show. (And I do have a few more in the works)

  • Paul Clarke

    Great stuff Mike and Mark.

    The combined wisdom the podcast is able to convey through such a varied group of screenwriters in all stages of their journey and with different experiences is quickly becoming very fruitful.

    • Linkthis83

      Glad to hear that. I’ve certainly got a few more lined up. No idea what I’m going to do past episode 022

  • Scott Serradell

    God DAMN if this podcast isn’t the gift that keeps on giving!

    This interview was a breath of fresh air, Mike. I will listen to part two later on this evening but, on the whole, I’m finding it as captivating as it is relatable. And honest! (not a term I would usually associate with Hollywood, you know?)

    For me I think (so far) the stuff I’m really appreciating is that Mark, especially in the start of his career, had enough integrity to not simply fold over to the egos-that-be (the episode where he and his writing partner were kept waiting for an hour — only to finally go into the office and be told they were late — I think it was an appropriate response to serve some of the agent’s bullshit back to him…in a polite way, of course. But with some screenwriters I’ve spoken with I kind of got the sense that it was OKAY to get steam-rolled over because, hey, you’re trying to get a job. Being humble is one thing — but when I’ve heard dozens of stories of screenwriters getting full-on taken advantage of, that I cannot abide. I know it’s a balancing act — there are hundreds standing behind you willing to do what it takes — but disrespect needs to be put into check. There’s never any reason to take that kind of shit.)

    Anyway. The ‘breath of fresh air’ was in a word that came up a few times: Passion. And here’s an individual who weathered 20 years in the business, is still doing it, and (seems to me) still in love with it. For those who have the same love (but without all the experience) that’s a small ray of hope. Thank you Mark.

  • ScriptChick

    Great insight, Mark! I will check out your book. I need more practical info on just surviving in this wonderful and relentless industry. Sounds like you had a blast, Mike, and with this podcast picking up steam, you better not think about stopping! 😉

    • Linkthis83

      Quitting crosses my mind at least once a day 🙂 But then I get a nice comment, or email, or text, or I make a new connection with another potential guest (like…one with 60 writing credits on IMDb who is also a director).