016 – Cristin Terrill – YA Author

For this week’s episode I was lucky to get a twice published YA author by the name of Cristin Terrill. She is the writer of All Our Yesterdays and Here Lies Daniel Tate.  Both books are fantastic reads and I recommend checking them out.

Cristin talks about how her mother kept telling her to write novels for a living, because, you know, she needed a more stable job. And while that may not make complete sense, her mom was on to something. She talks about the entire process of trying to get published from writing the manuscript, to queries, to getting an agent, and then the long wait to actually getting published.

There are some parallels to screenwriting and some noteworthy differences. Cristin and I go way back to when I worked at summer camp and the mood is quite fun and conversational. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking about her journey…err…I mean, path to being an author.


The epic typo from All Our Yesterdays


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