017 – Christine Conradt Pt.1



In this week’s episode, I had the great fortune of talking with writer/director/producer Christine Conradt. She’s got sixty IMDb credits to her name and she shows no signs of slowing down. Christine is an amazing person and talks about opting for film school over law school, going further in debt as opposed to running her own YMCA, and doing it all successfully without an agent.

One thing I’d like to point out is that this particular guest is an example of relationships paying off. Previous guest Mark Sanderson was kind enough to make this introduction for me and Christine was open enough to accept the offer. All I had done was start a podcast with a sincere intention and hard work, and luck+opportunity took care of the rest. Which is essentially the core of almost all success stories I’ve heard about in the profession of screenwriting and movie making.

Christine provides a lot of important insights for which you should take the time to listen. Not only that, she’s funny too. Oh…and she sings Kumbaya.


Christine directing



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