006 – Script Feedback

    By / 2017-05-29

    In today’s episode I discuss the process of receiving script notes and how you should implement them.  And trust me, the advice is as varied as the feedback people can provide on a script. I didn’t set out to create definitive labels for the various types of notes a writer can get, but I did… Read more

    Amateur Script – THE ALBUM

    By / 2017-05-25

    Writer(s): Edward Shine & Frankie Shine Genre: Contained thriller Why you wrote it: There are a lot of contained thriller/horror specs out there. We wanted to throw our hat in the ring and I think we’ve come up with a unique take on the genre. We were shooting for Misery meets Green Room. Would love to… Read more

    What’s Your Favorite Script?

    By / 2017-05-23

    Due to scheduling conflicts there will be no new podcast episode this week.  My sincerest apologies. If either of these situations can be resolved this week, I will publish a new episode next week. In order to provide content this week, I will be reviewing an amateur script on Thursday. If you’d like to get… Read more

    005 – Who Are You Writing For?

    By / 2017-05-15

    In this episode I give into some frustration and basically have a controlled rant for about fifty minutes. Essentially bringing up topics that aggravate me about how people will judge scripts.   There are quite a few I didn’t even cover.  Ultimately what I’m attempting to hone in on are all these things writers and… Read more

    004 – LOG – Interview with Alison Parker

    By / 2017-05-08

    Title:  Log Genre: Horror Comedy Logline: A weekend of debauchery turns to terror for a group of friends staying at an old lumberjack camp when a bloodthirsty log springs to life and embarks on a murderous rampage. On today’s show, I had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Alison Parker (LOG, LAZER SLOTH).  Seriously, it… Read more

    003 – Story and Embracing Your Concept

    By / 2017-05-01

    In this episode I talk about Story and Embracing Your Concept. I also have a guest on to explore these topics with me (I’d post his name…but you don’t know him). If you have any scripts or movies that you love that embrace their concept, please post a comment to make the rest of the world… Read more

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