010 – DEATH VARIATIONS – Interview with Scott Serradell Pt.2

    By / 2017-06-29

    Due to logistical issues regarding the RSS feed for the show – for right now – I must post another article in order for Part 2 of the interview to automatically upload to the different Podcast hosting locations. Essentially, this is a redundant post.  You can listen to both episodes by clicking here. Hopefully this… Read more

    010 – DEATH VARIATIONS – Interview with Scott Serradell Pt.1

    By / 2017-06-26

        Title:  DEATH VARIATIONS Genre: Crime/Drama Logline: The lives of a private eye, an INTERPOL agent, a police detective, a millionaire, and a psychopathic killer intertwine in a story of violence and redemption. Script: DEATH VARIATIONS_EtS My Script Notes: DEATH VARIATIONS – Serradell – EtS notes – 6.23.17 Link to Scott’s Short Script Competition Script: One Knight Stand Revised_EtS… Read more

    009 – CINDERELLA: AFTER THE FAIRY TALE – Interview with Katherine Botts

    By / 2017-06-20

    Title:  CINDERELLA: AFTER THE FAIRY TALE Genre: Dark Fairy-tale Drama Logline: After Cinderella uses a witch’s dark magic to get to the ball, she must now find a way to break the contract between them or else she’ll have to forfeit her unborn child. Script: Cinderella After the Fairytale 2017 – EtS My Script Notes: CINDERELLA – ATF –… Read more

    008 – Interview with Rzwan Cabani

    By / 2017-06-12

      In today’s episode I had the great fortune to interview Rzwan Cabani. He’s been repped by Zero Gravity Management and one of the big four agencies in LA for a couple years now, and still hasn’t had his big break. He graciously discusses his journey and what it’s been like to navigate these waters…. Read more

    007 – GOLDIE – Interview with Brett Martin

    By / 2017-06-05

    Title:  GOLDIE Genre: Horror Logline: A home-invading female serial killer stalks a true crime author whom she wants to write her bloody life story. Script: GOLDIE – Brett Martin – AF My Script Notes: GOLDIE – Brett Martin – notes – 5.20.17     Today’s episode features a writer I’ve known for a while now…Brett Martin (CLONE… Read more

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